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Among my many After 50 male and female readers, there is a lot of serious talk about writing books. People are writing sexy women’s fiction, a history of a formerly secret university society, travel recommendations, a practical handbook to learning new technologies, a collection of stories about falls in the shower, an imaginary tale of circumventing the globe as the only person left alive on the plant, how to be happy in retirement and leisure, Read More

God Pity The One Dream Man or Woman

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In 1901 Robert H. Goddard began devoting his life to rocket science. This was two years before the Wright Brothers’ flight.  Throughout his later career until his death in 1945 he was derided for maintaining that rocketry would work in both an atmosphere and in a vacuum. In noting the importance of perseverance, he wrote, “When the old dreams die, new ones come to take their place. God pity the one-dream man.”  Dr. Goddard is Read More

Life Literacy In The New Normal. How Do You Rank Yourself?

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My new book, How Do I Get There From Here?  is due out in August from the American Management Association (AMACOM, publisher).  In it I cite Financial Literacy and the importance of being able to work with a great financial advisor, as key competencies in the New Normal. I recently attended a Financial Literacy Day conference arranged and sponsored by the excellent Cumberland Advisors. During this well-crafted, expertly delivered one day workshop, I found myself looking Read More


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We were waiting for the luncheon speaker begin.   He sat to my right, a small, energetic man in a sports jacket and an open-collared light blue shirt. As strangers will, he asked me what I did.  My answer was that I am writing and speaking about what it takes for a good 50 year old to become a fabulous 80 year old here in the New Normal when education, work, retirement, family, health, and Read More

What’s Different About Financial Advising In The New Normal?


I recently interviewed an experienced financial planner to discuss how financial planning and the advice people need has changed in The New Normal. George: What was your work like when you first came into the Financial Services industry? Financial Planner: It used to be so much simpler in the Old Normal when the norm for my clients was to predictably retire at 65. We all knew what retirement was supposed to look like. Retirement planning Read More



….it depends on how you define The New Normal and what your discontinuous future holds in store for you. “The road that we’ve been on for such a long time, the so-called ‘new normal,’ is coming to an end, because it’s being eaten up by its own contradictions,” said Mohamed El-Erian, during an interview on Bloomberg TV.  Mr. El-Erian is the chief economic advisor of Allianz SE.  He was describing global political economy attempts to Read More

Net Worth vs Self Worth – Guest Blog by John Trauth


This week we have a guest blog from my friend, colleague and author of “Your Retirement, Your Way”, John Trauth Net Worth vs Self Worth: Anxieties in Spending Your Retirement Paycheck Congratulations!  You saved diligently for your retirement for the last umpteen years.  Whereas there were ups and downs in the markets and also in your investments, overall your money grew as you grew in your job. Everything was slowly getting better and better.  It was Read More

You’re A Failure If You Aren’t Doing What You Absolutely Love. Or Are You?


Author Brianna West recently wrote in Medium Daily Digest “We’re doing people an incredible disservice by telling them they should seek, and pursue, what they love. People usually can’t differentiate between what they really love and what they love “the idea of”. In doing so, she reminded me of the diversity of purposes for work among my clients and the courage it takes to pursue the right fit whether it’s what they love or not. Doing, Read More

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