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Calling all angels

Ted is rather cherubic looking, if one can be 80 and cherubic at the same time. Round faced. Smiling. Enthusiastic.

He had seen me on TV, speaking, as I often do, about how we’re living longer, and what that means for the time we didn’t expect to have. We need to figure out a way to stay healthy, work if we want to, fill . . . Read More

After the fall

I had the second major fall of my life last week.

The first was years ago in Barcelona. We were in the ancient part of the city. My favorite part of being a photographer is the composition, and it consumes me in the moment. Stepping onto some uneven pavement, I went down like a boneless sack of corn meal. One second I was taking pictures, the next I was lying on the . . . Read More


Lots of us will want to continue to work after 50, whether we’re retired or not, and for a variety of personal, professional and financial reasons. We may work part time for our old employer, take a full-time job with a new one, or become self-employed.

Entrepreneurs make up a special subset of the self-employed. They’re different from normal self-employment businesses, such as piano instruction or a dry cleaning operation, because entrepreneurs… Read More

The Shorter Shelf Life of Decisions After 50

When we were 25 our life decisions could have a 30 year horizon. After 50, decisions have a shorter shelf life and require a new kind of adaptability and planning. Here are some tips from my #SNNLocal6 Focus 50+ series on After 50 decision making.

We need a new name for us

Because I’m a journalist in addition being a speaker and consultant, I subscribe to news feeds, blogs and notifications related to my area of expertise: the stage of life between 50 and 110. And I am shocked by what I am reading.

Today I received several articles purporting to spot trends for seniors. These included lingerie for the incontinent, bladder monitoring devices, tableware for people with dementia, Parkinson’s pens and a book about the history of liquor advertisements. . . Read More

No more tears

The news of John Boehner’s announcement—that he’s stepping down as Speaker of the House of Representatives and resigning from Congress—is still reverberating a week later.

While most of the discussion about this move has focused on his successor, I’ve got a different take on the news. Mr. Boehner has launched himself into one of the most highly public career transitions possible. . . . Read More

Deconstructing the jobs report

The latest jobs report showed that the US economy added 173,000 jobs, bringing the unemployment rate down to 5.1%.

Sounds great, right?

You know by now that much of my reporting reflects the adage that the quality of the question drives the quality of the answer. Asking how many jobs were added is a fair question, but I don’t think it’s a very good one.

Much smarter would be: Of the jobs we’ve added . . . Read More

Lego for Retirees

Sometimes retirement planning feels a lot like couples therapy. Ellen: “Harvey is retired now. We’re OK financially. I don’t want our new life to be just a later version of our old one.  We worked too long and too hard to settle now.  I want you to push Harvey into understanding this.” Harvey: “Ellen has grown bored the last few years waiting for me to retire. She wants adventure.  I’ve had my share of adventure Read More

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