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George and Tim Burgard, Senior Editor, AMACOM Publishing

Among my many After 50 male and female readers, there is a lot of serious talk about writing books. People are writing sexy women’s fiction, a history of a formerly secret university society, travel recommendations, a practical handbook to learning new technologies, a collection of stories about falls in the shower, an imaginary tale of circumventing the globe as the only person left alive on the plant, how to be happy in retirement and leisure, Read More

God Pity The One Dream Man or Woman

Life. Handcrafted 1

In 1901 Robert H. Goddard began devoting his life to rocket science. This was two years before the Wright Brothers’ flight.  Throughout his later career until his death in 1945 he was derided for maintaining that rocketry would work in both an atmosphere and in a vacuum. In noting the importance of perseverance, he wrote, “When the old dreams die, new ones come to take their place. God pity the one-dream man.”  Dr. Goddard is Read More

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