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There she stood just inside our front door with her hands on her hips. “You keep writing about other people’s After 50 stories.”, she said, “Mine is different and it deserves telling, too”.  Pushing past me she settled into a chair in our living room, said, “OK. Help me.” “OK. I’ll play.”, I said sitting down opposite Coleen. “Who are you?”  Her answer: “I’m Coleen White.  I recently met you and your wife, Linda, at Read More

Inspiration Might Be Sitting On Your Left

George pointing

I’ve just come back to the office from a deeply inspiring lunch meeting. For all our important work with “Seniors” and the services many of them need, I think we tend to carelessly lump then together, regularly falling into the trap of no longer seeing them as individuals and very, very bright people with full biographies. The fact is lots of “Seniors” are still trucking along admirably with significant humor, vigor, and insightful thinking. Chronological Read More

The Return Of The 10’ Christmas Tree


Part One I admit it. By the time the boys were teenagers, my enthusiasm for decorating for the holidays, putting up a large Christmas tree, hanging lights on the house, and later taking it all down and putting it away again was so minuscule it could only be detected through a microscope. This was eventually followed by the day when I sold the family house and, for the first time in decades, I no longer Read More

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