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If You Are Going To Ask My Granddaughter A Question, Please Make It A Smart One

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  There was a time, actually not so long ago, when we made choices and they stayed made.  We chose among a menu of options and decided on  just one.  We chose an employer, spouse, educational path, profession, home and community. We decided what our primary assumptions, preferences and loyalties were.   Once our choices were made it took a business earthquake or a personal cataclysm of some sort to change things.  Today not only Read More


Retirement blog

There was a time when you said the word “Retirement” and everyone knew what it meant. There was a consensual definition and set of expectations that looked like this: You had worked for years, probably at the same company, reasonably assured that you could move “up the ladder” as the people above you retired or transferred and made room for you. It was a stable company in which the organizational structure, job titles/descriptions, and experience/skills Read More

A Scandalous Request Of The Media And Ourselves


          Take a look at these words. What do they have in common? Scandal Crooked Discredited Narcissism Harassment Weapon Lie Defeat Abuse Hate Witchcraft Steaming Mess Satan Crackdown Helpless Farce Seduce Murder They are all part of recent media hyped headlines in print, broadcast and all forms of internet/social media. I started counting and keeping track a couple of weeks ago out of desperation. Of course the media is to blame Read More

The After 50 Goal Shift – From Validation to OK Anyway


Aging, let it be acknowledged, seldom arrives in our lives all at once. Instead, it appears in large and small changes in our environment. I was recently on a crowded metropolitan bus and a very polite teenager stood up and offered her seat. At first I looked around to see where her gestures were directed and was flabbergasted to realize…she was offering her seat to ME. Gray hair. Loss of longtime friends. Fine print getting Read More

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