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In Praise of Traveling with Granddaughters


SFO Airport/San Francisco. 3:00 am PDT. Three of my granddaughters (ages 7, 11, 14) and I are flying to the East Coast.  Their 17-year-old sister is already at our house.  Accustomed to flying together, the girls and I are a moving combination of jocular and somnambulant.  We have a 5:00 a.m. departure with a connection to make in Denver.  Ever mindful of the many reminder messages to be at the airport at least two hours Read More

Pussycat or Grouch?


When we’re really paying attention we don’t always see what we expect. Or sometimes we get blinding glimpses of the obvious, even about ourselves. I’ve noticed recently that I can be really stubborn. And I wonder whether under pressure I could be labeled a curmudgeon (a sexist and ageist term if there ever was one, the full equivalent of the B word applied to women).   It’s so easy for us to use sweeping labels Read More

Rethinking the 4-Stage Life Model

George Full Sketch

  Remember the four-stage life model? 1. Childhood 2. Education 3. Work and Family 4. Retirement It seemed to work so well for our parents and grandparents.  But our world is very different from theirs.  So is this model obsolete? For many, if not most of us, I believe the answer is a resounding YES.   Why?  Let me count some of the ways. Many of us are living far longer than our parents’ generation, Read More

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