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Life in the Middle Lane – Guest Blog by John Trauth

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Youth is life in the fast lane.  Our metabolism is high, our reflexes are quick, our intensity is great, and we live at a fast pace.  As we explore what life has to offer, we take risks in the belief that life is eternal.  We believe that any misfortunes or setbacks will be followed by rapid recovery, and very soon we will be back in the fast lane.  Ergo, zoom! But we can’t keep this Read More

Home Alone

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My wife Linda left last Tuesday to go to her high school reunion in Hawaii.  I didn’t want to go with her, and she didn’t press me on it.  How many days can you devote to making small talk with very nice people you haven’t met before and probably won’t see again?   AND I had an ulterior motive:  As someone who is seldom alone for more than a few hours at a time, I Read More

The Wisdom of Dan Fogelberg


I never thought I would see the day when I felt compelled to walk by the television news with my hands over my eyes and ears.  My wife, Linda, is a political news aficionado.  She has a large need for me to sit down and watch the media’s version of Secretary Clinton, Mr. Trump, Senator Sanders, and others parading their messages in front of me.  I have an equally large need for me to go Read More

The Real Future of Work – Part 2


This post is a follow up to my first blog on The Real Future of Work – Part 1, which you can read HERE if you’re interested. I was intrigued by management consultant Ron Ashkenas’s article, Navigating The Emotional Side of a Career Transition, in the Harvard Business Review.  Ashkenas had worked for the same firm for 37 years, starting just after graduate school, and decided to try a new path.  He found himself struggling in Read More

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