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Punish The Men, Too


I usually stay away from politics in my blog, but Mr. Trump’s recent comments on abortion have single-handedly pushed me over the edge.   “Punish the women,” indeed. To the best of my knowledge, there is only one case of immaculate conception on record. All of the other pregnant women in the history of the world have had a partner in conception. A man. Why am I writing about this in a space usually reserved Read More

Keeping Current

As my wife often remarks, she isn’t worried about me running off with a younger woman.  A younger woman wouldn’t understand a word I said.  My musical, political, historical and humor references would precede her by a number of years, possibly even extend to before she was born. Still, I do try to stay current, thanks to my grandchildren, ages 4 to 16.  Through their encouragement I now have passing familiarity with Pentatonix, Rihana, Taylor Read More

Bob’s Gift

As my friend Bob succumbed to leukemia, I followed him closely over a period of many months.  We began with an ambulatory Bob telling me, laughing, “not to be a smartass” when I hurled jokey provocations at him.   We ended with me feeding him thickened apple juice through a straw, until he couldn’t even manage that.  He died last month at 73. What feels like not so long ago – probably 25 years – Read More

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