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The Fallacy of the Boomer

I recently read yet another article about how Baby Boomers are changing retirement. Each time I see a story like that, I cringe. How likely is it that the situation and needs of someone born in 1946 are similar to someone born in 1964? We are actually a diverse bunch.  Take, for example, a recent party my wife and I threw at our house.  There were 20 guests, covering an age range of about 15 Read More

A Manifesto for The New Year

My older grandchildren (ages 10-16) continually intrigue me. They’re in the process of (re)discovering and (re)defining themselves. They’re trying on different roles and interests. They’re full of goals and ambitions and firsts as independent people. I think they are assembling a drawer full of options and preferences they can open and tap into or leave alone for the rest of their lives. My friends and colleagues (ages 50 to far beyond it) are intriguing me, Read More

Faith in Women

The Huffington Post recently published a fascinating blog by my friend Nicola Albini entitled “The Empowerment Shift.”  Nicola shows the connection between women coming into their own with the whole world getting better.  He quoted the Dalai Lama, who said, “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” This got me to thinking about the gifts of wisdom I’ve received from women over the years—gifts that would make my life better, even if I Read More

Who Knows?

Seth Godin, the interesting and prolific blogger, recently wrote that no one knows the right answer, no one knows precisely what will happen, no one can produce the desired future . . . and you’re mistaken if you think there’s someone who does.  But that’s immaterial anyway.  It’s not about a gap between people who know and those who don’t, he suggests. The gap “is about the people who show up with their best work, Read More

Announcing the Best Worst Email Message Line Contest

As someone who’s tired of Internet pop-up ads and huckster emails, I occasionally find myself getting cranky while reading between the fingers I’ve placed in front of my face.  I get especially annoyed when I’m reading my news feed and see that there are photos of women’s underwear malfunctions or belly-fat warnings next to articles on Mr. Putin’s strategies and the future of Social Security.  It takes online advertising to a new, crass level. So, Read More

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