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The Lowdown on Downsizing

More than four million retirees moved to a new home last year, and for many of them, that move involved downsizing—part of a process that necessarily involves getting rid of stuff.  Often a lot of stuff. The New York Times recently ran an interesting piece about the joys and traumas involved with deciding what to do with a lifetime of possessions.  That purging “typically triggers a range of emotions,” the author wrote, ranging from joy Read More

Calling all angels

Ted is rather cherubic looking, if one can be 80 and cherubic at the same time. Round faced. Smiling. Enthusiastic.

He had seen me on TV, speaking, as I often do, about how we’re living longer, and what that means for the time we didn’t expect to have. We need to figure out a way to stay healthy, work if we want to, fill . . . Read More

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