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Getting Real About Being Alone

If you are in a relationship, no matter how long you have been together or how well (or not) you get along, one of you will be alone someday. It happens that this is top of mind at the moment.   My new possible solution: Line Dancing. Really? Line Dancing? Yes. It came to me when my wife,  Brown Eyes, said to me, “I’m going to have to be careful to live a big enough life Read More

Revelation in Aisle 6

My 6-year-old granddaughter and I were at the grocery store, just the two of us.

She lives on the other side of the United States with her family. Skype is a sorry substitute for spending time (in the flesh, not virtually) with her, her sisters, and her cousins. So I have to make the most of every opportunity when we’re actually together, in person. . . . Read More

The buzz about buzzers

A much younger me once went to Puerto Vallarta on vacation. Like many Mexican resort towns, there was a string of hotels on and near the beach and, several blocks inland, the humming city of the locals. Adjacent to the beach was a market full of local crafts. Almost every day a cruise ship would arrive, passengers would be bused to the market to shop, choose a hotel restaurant for lunch, and then get picked Read More

I’m Angry

I admit it: I’m angry.  I’m angry that anyone of any age in my country would commit premeditated murder, much less in a church prayer session. We’re supposed to be a nation of good guys. A beacon to the world that democracy works in the end.  The land of the free and the home of the brave. What was brave about murdering unarmed people? I’m angry because many of us are still using deliberately obfuscating Read More

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