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I have a friend. Call him Sam. He’s in his late 60s. He lives across the US, so I don’t see him that often.  Our friendship has endured for years. I really like and respect him.  Yet I am watching him grow angrier before my eyes. If his purpose is to teach me what NOT to do, he is succeeding brilliantly. I imagine his wife is as bewildered as I am by his increasingly unpleasant behavior. Like many of us, Read More


My wife and I are just back from a long, romantic weekend in Manhattan.  One of our favorite things is to be alone together in another city where no one knows who we are nor wants anything from us. We think of these trips as renewals, a way to break free of the everyday. This NYC trip was packed: A history/pizza tour of Brooklyn; waffles and coffee in a little park at 35th and Broadway; Read More

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