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Carrots are good for you

I recently gave a speech about life planning, talking about how it’s best to start that plan with being real about where you actually are now.   One of the audience members objected, saying that she needed to imagine future goals as a motivator.  As in carrot, not stick. I understand.  But it’s been my experience that when my clients begin with dreams, they tend to get stuck in fantasyland and have a hard time finding Read More

2 Ponies, Minimum

I’ve taken on a new role: options oracle. I’m getting more and more letters like this one, seeking advice:

Dear George,

I’m totally bored with my job. It’s safe. I make an OK salary. My bosses love me, and I have no big performance pressures. Work is uncomfortably comfortable.
My dream is to grow my app-development business. It generates revenue . . . Read More

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