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Making Thanksgiving Last

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There’s something about connecting with the people I care about, and feeling the collective spirit of gratitude, that warms my heart. On a superficial level, Thanksgiving is about a feast, and I do admit to really enjoying turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing. But the essence of the holiday is really about how appreciation is in our face for an entire day. But why should gratitude be relegated to a single Read More

The Adaptable Business Owner

The number of people 50 and older who are starting or buying their own businesses is growing steadily. There are a lot of reasons why. For some people, age discrimination has either made it difficult (or impossible) to find meaningful employment at a 9-to-5 job at acceptable pay levels. For others, it’s the fulfillment of a lifetime dream. Or it’s a chance to create an entirely new income-producing opportunity if traditional retirement is too boring. Read More

Happy Birthday to Both of Me

Another birthday is on approach. It will hit the landing strip of my life early next week. I’m of two minds about it. My wife never knows which one of my bimodal selves is going to pop up next: the 8-year-old imp who will ring the doorbell just as she’s getting out of the shower (late again!) 12 minutes before dinner guests are due to arrive, or the serious, creative adult professional having a wonderful Read More

Surprise-Proofing Retirement

There was a time, not so long ago, when retirement meant the same thing to everyone.   This is how it went: 1. You and your long-time employer had made mutual investments in your retirement fund and provided lifelong health insurance. 2. You were around 65. 3. You collected your retirement gift at a celebratory lunch or dinner thrown by your employer. 4. You stopped working entirely. 5. Everyone was supposed to retire; it was Read More

Moving, By The Numbers

How many places will you call home in retirement? That’s the intriguing title of an article I just read by Joseph Coughlin, PhD, director of the MIT AgeLab. Coughlin came up with five, a number that really jumped out at me. Here’s how he breaks it down: Move #1: Downsizing from the home where you raised a family to a smaller place that’s cheaper to heat, cool, furnish, clean, maintain, etc. Move #2: Relocating to Read More

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