Big Brother Hearts You

As those of us over 50 were building our careers and maintaining our employment, we knew how to dress the part. Whether suit and tie, apron and toque, overalls or coveralls, our clothes were part of a uniform, whether we thought of them that way or not.

Sometimes our workplace apparel was emblazoned with our employer’s name, or our own.

But however we dressed, and whatever message those clothes sent out to the universe, our garments didn’t spy on us.

Until, maybe, now.

Nike is working closely with Apple to advance fitness-sensitive Nike+ wearables. Nike’s CEO predicts the company can expand from 25 million Nike+ users to hundreds of millions.

What does this have to do with the workplace, when wearables were developed for people who like exercise gadgets?

It’s entirely possible that sooner rather than later you or your employer will decide that your workplace apparel will serve everyone better if it can track some of your vital statistics.

Think police officers under stress. Delivery staff handling heavy objects, sometimes up several flights of stairs. People over 60 with a health history that deserves diligent monitoring.

Your location is already trackable via your smartphone’s GPS, so it would be a small step to monitor how we’re moving and how our heart rate rises and falls when we’re at work.

Is this Big Brother paranoia, or a legitimate concern?

4 responses to “Big Brother Hearts You”

  1. Jari Searns says:

    Hi George!

    You do pick intriguing subjects and on this topic I have mixed emotions…the “Help me I can’t get up” crowd could most assuredly benefit from being tracked as I suppose could wayward husbands (or wives for that matter…); however, when all is said and done, I really shutter at the increasing “nanny state” involvement companies and government have over its customers and citizens…for me, give me liberty and I’ll take care of myself thank you!

    • Jari – I think there will be too many of us to make the nanny state affordable. We’re going to face really difficult decisions around everything from long-extended employment to ending of life alternatives to just how far technologies have and will invade our independence and privacy. George

  2. David Lubert says:

    This is a very interesting topic which I think will continue to evolve as people start to understand that they own their digital footprint! Whether we understand this is dependent upon your perspective, but the more information we choose to share on the “internet of things” will intrude on our privacy. Good topic George!

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