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One Real Accident. A Second One Thwarted.

Scams are supposed to be something that happen to other people. Right? We read about them, know people who know people who have been scammed, and heartily disapprove. Then scamming calls us at home. On Wednesday, my wife was in a traffic accident. The airbag deployed. She is fine, although a bit bruised and sore. It wasn’t her fault. The other driver was cited. On Thursday morning our home phone rang. A man with an Read More

Food for thought. Literally.

I was struck by a recent New York Times article describing how chefs and cookbook authors are now designing dishes for an older clientele—the aging Boomer with a sophisticated palate and no patience for reconstituted mashed potatoes, or any other kind of institutional gruel. For residents in senior communities, assisted-living facilities or plain-jane nursing homes, mealtime often takes on exaggerated importance, so it’s heartening to see how aligned the players in the food service industry Read More

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