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The Bionic Grandfathers

In our 20s all of our body parts were organic.   What we needed was always at the ready. If we wanted to read, we grabbed a book and sat down. If we wanted to run, we put on track shoes and ran. When we wanted vertical or horizontal intimacy, we simply took off our clothes. We could eat anything we wanted without bodily repercussions. If we went to a concert we were already wearing our ears. Read More

Juggling Eggs

My friend Tom travels frequently, often internationally, for his job. The airlines love him for it. His daughter, not so much. “She thinks I don’t spend enough time with my grandchildren or with my 92- year-old mother,” he told me the last time we had lunch together. “Every time I talk to my daughter, she harangues me about it. I’ve tried explaining that I’m in the last phase of generating a big enough income to Read More

Paying Attention

Sometimes life gets in your face. There I was, sitting peacefully in a cab in Washington, DC, on my way to an appointment. At a traffic light the driver looked at me in the rear-view mirror and asked, “How old do you think I am?”  Without waiting for a reply he blurted out,  “I’ll be 71 next week. My wife and I can’t live on what we’ve got, so I’m driving this cab every day to make Read More

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