Friends as curators

One of the many benefits of facebook is that your friends are a particularly good source of great reads. The affinities you have with the people in your circle—shared beliefs, experiences, family, workplaces, neighborhoods, whatever–is part of what makes them such good curators.

So I’m happy to say that a friend’s post led me to a charming essay by the writer Anne Lamott, who wrote it just before a milestone birthday and posted it to her public page. I’ve read the piece several times, and still love it.

A highlight:

“Wednesday, the day before I turn 60, I am having a periodontal procedure that Stalin might have devised. How festive is that? But that night, my grandson and niece will pelt me with balloons, and we will all overeat together, the most spiritual thing we can do.”

The trick to aging is to do it gracefully, and with the honesty and humor of Ms. Lamott.

Find the full post on her facebook page; it’s dated April 5th.

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