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Lookin’ for adventure

Last fall, social scientists at the University of Southern California and the RAND Corp.  published a study that looked into the factors that influence older people to retire. Not surprisingly, they found that economic drivers were better predictors of who stayed employed in their 60s than personality characteristics. The simple fact is that most people—whether outgoing, introverted, confident or worriers, stay employed because they want the health insurance.  Older respondents covered by an employer-provided health Read More

Tense about past, present, future

I had a lot of fun reading an article called “13 Aging Myths We Love to Prove Wrong.” I particularly liked myth #8, which is “being defined by my past only—as if I have no present or future.” Think of it this way: If you’re 55, you could have 30 or 40 years left to live.  That’s a quite a future.   And for many people 50 and up, moving away from full-time work toward a Read More

New reasons to drop old banks

It wasn’t that long ago when where you banked reflected your social and financial position.  The bank’s name or crest on your check conferred a certain status. White collar workers banked with institutions with the word private or trust in their name; those banks had grand pillars outside and vast marble lobbies inside.  Blue collar workers gravitated to credit unions or small local banks in more modest digs. Now banking is less about status and Read More

A prediction for public education gets an F

Jason Siko, writing about public education in The Futurist magazine, predicts that as students progress, they will be “allowed to specialize earlier and earlier (much like athletics today)—so much so that no one has a generalized diploma, only certificates of competencies in skills that the workforce demands.” What?! Do I want my grandchildren to get an education dedicated exclusively to employer-driven, transitory competencies?  No. Do I want them locked early into professional categories from which Read More

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